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Environmental Dynamics Inc Hereinafter referred to as EDI, EDI is a professional EDI manufacturer, with a full range of tube and disc aeration products, but the EDI provides users with far more than the aeration equipment. EDI in the optimal design of the aeration system to meet the requirements of the optimal solution to meet its special requirements. This ability is the key to the success of EDI in the global water and wastewater treatment industry.Since 1975, EDI products have been installed in more than 4000 countries around the world more than 70 sewage treatment projects, EDI aeration products include: flexible membrane microporous aeration (disc type, tube type), coarse hole aeration, used in the oxidation pond and coke paste floating chain aeration system and advanced biological treatment system. EDI is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, with an area of 14 acres, with an office and production area of 110000 square feet (about ten thousand square meters). At present, the company has the largest and highest oxidation transfer test equipment in the world in the water and waste water treatment industry, including the main test tank. They use advanced electronic test equipment, data processing, high-speed image photography and computer analysis technology, so that each test data is not only reliable and good repeatability, the American Civil Engineers Association of ASCE certification standards. From all over the world, excellent peers and customers are going to EDI to visit and use this test equipment.

 , As EDI China partners, Guangzhou is still water and energy conservation technology Co., Ltd. can provide you with high quality local services, including:

 , Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of EDI, aeration system and advanced biological oxidation system.

 , Piping system, pipe support and domestic support.

 , EDI the import, assembly and replacement of key components, such as the aeration device or the aeration membrane.

 , Site installation, commissioning and training services.

 , 24 hours a day service support, comprehensive quality service commitment.

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  • Tray aerator

  • Hoistable system

  • Pipe aerator

  • Stainless steel

  • PVC rough hole

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