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Guangzhou Shangshui Energy Conservation and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in November 2007, is mainly engaged in environmental protection and energy conservation related project designs, constructions, installation, debugging and equipment development, operation service and agency. The company is a specialized energy conservation engineering company that develops complete sets of energy conservation and eco-friendly equipment and provides customers with satisfactory solutions through optimized designs and high quality implementation.

The company is engaged in the following activities:

(1) Energy conservation and emission reduction:

Energy conservationtransformation projects such as all kinds of waste heat recovery, heated water recycling systems, heat pump systems and motor drives, research and development on the energy conservation and emission reduction of energy conserving EDI aeration systems of sewage plants and undertaking of projects

Water treatment:

Al kinds of sewage disposal and recycling system, feed water system, circulating water treatment systems and water conservation transformation system and research and development on the resources utilization technologies such as zero emission of sewage for factories and communities, methane generating and recovery of heavy metal as well as undertaking of projects

(3) Waste gas treatment:

Treatment of air pollution of industrial organic gas, and commercial and domestic use; air purification and process air conditioning systems; research and development on acid smog treatment and dust treatment and organic solvents as well as undertaking of projects

Systematical innovation, optimized design, lean management, high quality service and surpassing customer demands are the quality guideline as well as our commitments made to users. We will always make great efforts to enterprise and keep innovating to offer top grade products and services for users.

(4) Product agency

Turnkey products for design, supplies, installation, commission and maintenance of EDIí»s aerators, aeration system and top grade biological oxidation systems

Pipelines, pipeline supports and domestic auxiliary products

Imports, assembly and replacement of EDI aerators and diaphragm of all other brands

On-site installation, debugging and training services.

Service supports 24 hours a day for an overall high quality service commitment.


Contact: Mr. Xie

Tel: 020-82315199/82300173

Address: No. 315 and 316, Zhicheng Building, No. 3, West Huanxi Road, Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou